Paint Application System

Paint Kitchen I-Control Automatic Application Guns

If you are familiar with powder coatings, you will likely recognize the "Nordson" name. They are a well-known and respected leader in the development of powder coating application technology.

At Warner Custom Coating, we can proudly say that our Nordson ColorMax® powder spray system lives up to their company’s stellar reputation. It is a highly efficient, quick colour change powder application and recovery system, that gives us enhanced operating flexibility and superior performance, while offering our customers an unlimited range of coating options.

Our application system has been augmented with an Integrated I-Control System that allows for reproducible gun recipes and gun control configurations. These two specialty features have been designed and added to our system to deliver and maintain consistent film builds while reducing rejects and minimizing waste powder.

We have also further enhanced our system's efficiencies and performance with the addition of an Automated Gun Movers and Triggering Package.

When it comes to decorative properties, our system offers outstanding flexibility. Our customers have the luxury of choice. They have access to an unlimited palette of colours, textures and chemistries.