8-Stage Pre-treatment Wash

8 Stage Pre-treatment 8 Stage Pre-treatment

While three-stage and five-stage wash systems are most common among custom coaters, Warner Custom Coating has gone the extra mile and equipped its facilities with a robust eight-stage pre-treatment, stainless steel wash system to enhance the long-term performance of your product.

This superior eight stage system was designed to ensure that our customers' products are properly cleaned and free of oils, lubricants and other impurities prior to painting. Topped with a re-circulating reverse osmosis rinse, our customers can be confident that their product has been properly cleaned for a superior finish.

Energy efficient plate and frame heat exchangers, automatic sludge removal, misting fresh water halos, as well as a final blow-off unit further enhance our wash process to ensure premium product preparation.

Our entire wash system is PLC controlled. Temperatures, tank levels, pressures, motors, pH levels and conductivity are monitored closely, at all times, to ensure the performance of all eight stages is optimized - giving your product the ultimate cleansing experience.